Hover X – Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk – Review

I game, I work and I do both quite a bit. We’ve never exactly had a huge house. A bedroom for each person in the house, a converted dining room that serves as office, homework, gaming, dog crate-room doesn’t exactly lend to having a focused space. Also, I thoroughly enjoy being with my wife, not always talking but being in the presence of her. I love her.

I’ve been through cheaper and smaller lap desks. Most worked & served me well. I recently bought a Razer laptop and while it’s a beat of a gaming machine it also replaced my Mac Book Pro early 2001 edition as my primary work device.

After looking extensively I chose the Hover X, Ultimate Gamer’s LapDesk. These beautiful device is made by the folks at iSkelter and I ordered from Amazon for $79.95.  Wait you say $80 for a lap desk?!!! Read on as to why this is a solid buy for you.hover-x-12 Continue reading